Manage Price Efficiently With Prestashop eBay integration

eBay Marketplace integration app helps merchants to sell their products on eBay efficiently as it simplifies hectic processes. Including product management, order management, inventory management, and price management. The PrestaShop store owners can sell their products in the eBay Marketplace using Knowband’s eBay integrator.

Prestashop eBay Integration Addon

Moreover, this module integrates Prestashop Store with eBay Marketplace. Using this extension, store admin can perform various activities. Including product listings, category mapping, orders listing, etc in the marketplace. Further, the merchants planning to integrate the Prestashop store with eBay Marketplace must use Prestashop eBay Integration addon by Knowband. Knowband has been creating plugins for the eCommerce industry for boosting up their business.

Benefits :

  • eBay PrestaShop Integrator Module offers a bulk listing of products in a few clicks.
  • eBay Marketplace is an automated solution to list the products.
  • Manages the inventory at eBay Marketplace from the PrestaShop store itself.
  • Process the eBay store orders from the PrestaShop store.
  • Manage the prices on the eBay Marketplace without any issue.
  • Product listing on multiple eBay stores becomes easier with this module.

Major Benefits of eBay PrestaShop Integration Module

1. Support Profiles Management

eBay PrestaShop Integrator Module provides a feature called Profile management. This feature allows store merchants to select the basic settings to list the products. Furthermore, this feature allows creating different profiles to list the PrestaShop store products. The eBay PrestaShop Connector module has a profiles Management tab that comes with options like – Select eBay Site, Select Language, Shipping Profile Selection, Profile Name, Category Mapping etc.

2. Provide Feature Bulk Listing Of The Products

The bulk listing of the products is possible with the eBay PrestaShop Integration module. Moreover, this feature allows the store admin to plan the PrestaShop store category to the eBay Marketplace category. The products listed under the PrestaShop store category are listed on the eBay Marketplace under the selected eBay category. Using this module, different PrestaShop categories can be mapped into a single eBay category.

3. Payment Methods

eBay PrestaShop Connector module helps store merchants to map different payment methods to the eBay store. Moreover, the available payment methods are listed on the Profile Management page of the PrestaShop eBay Integrator module. Also, store merchants can choose multiple Payment Methods to sync these methods to the eBay marketplace.

4. Sync Order Status

Furthermore, store admin can update the order status from the store to the eBay store, once the orders are exported to the PrestaShop store. To update the order status on the eBay Marketplace store merchant must run the Sync Order Status CRON. Once CRON (Command Run On) is run by the admin, the order status on the eBay Marketplace gets updated. PrestaShop admin can also update the order status manually by clicking either the Update Order Status button or by setting up the CRON for the mechanization.

5. Product Listing

Product Listing is most important feature of the module. Moreover, the product listing tab of the integration module shows the listing status of the products. The products mapped to the different profiles along with their eBay Id, Listing Status, eBay status (Active, Ended), Enabled or Disabled. Also, the option to Enable/Disable/Relist/Renew can be viewed by the admin.

Furthermore, various CRON is offered to store admin. Thus, the entire process becomes hassle-free.

6. Synchronization

To automate the product listing and order management, the synchronization tab of the eBay PrestaShop Integrator module offers the CRON settings. This helps the store admin regarding the selling process on eBay. The eBay Connector module automates the selling process on eBay. To know more about the instructions everything has been mentioned on the Synchronization page of the eBay PrestaShop Module.

Additional Features Of Prestashop eBay Integrator

1. Order Default Status

During orders, the sync admin can choose the order status synced to the PrestaShop store from the eBay store. This feature is also available for unpaid orders on the eBay store. Using this feature, store admin can decide any of the order statuses according to their online PrestaShop eCommerce store.

2. Order Paid Status

The order status selected by the store admin will be synced to the PrestaShop store from the eBay store. On the other hand, orders get synced for the paid orders. This feature also helps store admin in avoiding the delay in shipping. Furthermore, this improves seller ranking on the eBay Marketplace.

3. Shipping Template Management

Furthermore, the admin can make the delivery profiles from here. Created shipping profiles can be mapped to the different Profiles made under this feature. eBay PrestaShop Connector Module will also ask to sync the Shipping Profile to eBay after the admin creates the shipping profiles.

4. Item Specifics

Further, the PrestaShop eBay Marketplace Integrator module also permits the admin to send things of interest to the eBay marketplace. All these item specifics are based on the selected eBay store category.

Functionality Of eBay Marketplace integration

The functionality of eBay Marketplace Integration is easy to install as well as configure. To understand it better developers have provided a user manual, including step-by-step details. This also helps to configure the eBay PrestaShop Connector module.


Therefore, we suggest Knowband Bay Marketplace integration because it offers free installation and configuration services for the modules. Moreover, the store merchants who have any query regarding the module can contact them at

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