Advantages Of Building Android & iOS Apps For PrestaShop Store

With the growing popularity and demand for smartphones, the usage of mobile apps has also risen at a rapid pace. Customers want to use their devices for entire day-to-day needs. To meet & fulfill the demands of smartphone users, eCommerce businesses are launching native mobile apps for online shopping. So, eCommerce mobile apps are increasing commonly among online shoppers. The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder allows the eCommerce merchant to launch a featured pair of Android and iOS apps for the eCommerce website. The module is also very easy to use and doesn’t involve any coding knowledge requirement. So, the store admin just needs to make a few mouse clicks and complete design/management control of apps is in his hands. The Android and iOS apps are completely synchronized with the eCommerce website. So, any changes made in the website inventory and data will appear automatically on the mobile apps.

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1. White Label Apps with Home Screen Customization:

When it comes to eCommerce mobile apps, branding is the most important tool to gain results. The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker allows the store owner to launch the Android and iOS app under his or her own brand label. The store admin can keep their logo, app name, icon, image, splash screen,  color schemes, and much more.

The Prestashop Android & iOS App Maker allows the store owner to customize the eCommerce mobile app home screen for holidays, seasons, occasions, promotions, and other events. In order to customize the layout of the home screen, the store admin can use attractive banners, images, categories, sliders, etc. The store admin can also create and save several layouts in the PrestaShop Mobile App Creator and choose the right one anytime.

2. Real-Time Connectivity & Push Notifications:

The store admin can find it difficult to manage the product inventory and data on both website and mobile app. The product data and inventory of the eCommerce website are in complete synchronization with the PrestaShop Mobile App. The store admin does not have to manually intervene and perform changes/updates in the eCommerce mobile app. 

Push notifications are one of the most useful and handy marketing/promotion tools. The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker also enables the store owners to send unlimited push notifications to shopping app users. Additionally, the push notification can be configured and sent for promoting the most recent discounts and offers among mobile  customers. 

3. Target Worldwide Customers:

The multilingual and RTL support feature of PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App allows online businesses to target worldwide/regional markets. The Android and iOS app also support all the languages available on the eCommerce website including RTL (Right To Left) scripts.

4. Easy Login And Checkout:

Customers can log in on the PrestaShop Mobile App with a single tap. Social media login options such as Google and Facebook are available for quick access. The mobile apps also consist of an e-mail login and registration option. The store owner can enable the built-in Fingerprint and Phone Number(OTP) login feature for additional security.

Moreover, the PrestaShop Mobile App Creator consists of a simplified checkout feature that allows consumers to quickly check out from the eCommerce mobile app. No need to enter unnecessary information or details just to make the purchase. The shopping app allows users to double-check their details before completing transactions.

5. Easy Payment and Shipping Process:

All payment and shipping options of eCommerce websites are compatible with the Mobile App for PrestaShop. Hence, the Android and the iOS app help the customers to buy the product by choosing the most favorable payment and shipping options.


The PrestaShop Android App Builder consists of many other important and necessary features that help in improving user experience, conversion rates, and revenue of the eCommerce store. The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker for Android and iOS acts as a game-changer and also boosts the growth of your eCommerce business. If you have any questions or queries, please contact us at

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