How is mobile app builder beneficial for e-commerce stores?

Mobile App Builder is an online mobile development tool that allows users to bypass the generic mobile app development process. Businesses are changing the way they used to function. They have started understanding the benefits of mobile apps for businesses, as a result, companies have started focusing on building their mobile application for better business. They are building mobile apps to expand their business, they are building a mobile app. If you are someone who does not have a mobile app for their business, there is a chance that you are missing out on potential customers that can impact your business in the long run. So before it’s too late, start building a mobile app for your eCommerce business.

The mobile app offers an easy way for end-users to instantly access company details. Furthermore, mobile apps keep them connected to their favorite brand and stay updated as well.

Features that make mobile app builder must have

1. eCommerce mobile app offers “Add To Cart On Home Screen” feature

The Mobile App Maker offers a feature called the “Add To Cart” button for products on the home screen of the Android & iOS app. As a result, users don’t have to go to the product screen to add it to the cart. Clicking on “Add To Cart” button will do the task efficiently.

2. Offers OTP & Fingerprint feature

Mobile App Creator offers advanced login options such as Fingerprint verification and OTP authentication. Along with OTP and fingerprint login, Mobile App Creator offers reliable social login options. As a result, user can login app easily instead of recalling the username and password. 

3. eCommerce mobile app provide offline accessibility

The ecommerce mobile app can work in both- offline and online mode. Furthermore, using ecommerce mobile app, online shoppers can browse various categories and products without an internet connection. Also, app screens visited earlier can be seen while the internet was active.

4. eCommerce mobile app is GDPR Compliance

The Knowband eCommerce mobile app is now GDPR compliant. As a result, mobile apps will keep a check on all the user rights. Further, the native Android and iOS app will offer unlimited control to clients over their own data.

5. Multi-Lingual And RTL Support

The mobile app for ecommerce supports different languages along with RTL writing styles. For instance, Hebrew, Arabic, Urdu etc. Due to mobile apps, store admin can target a wider and worldwide audience.

6. Provide One-Page Checkout

The eCommerce Mobile App Builder gives a worked on checkout screen in the portable applications which makes the request accommodation simple for the clients. This additionally helps in diminishing the truck relinquishment rate and assumes a part in improving deals also. The easier checkout approach even propels the clients to make the effective item buy. 

7. Offers Custom Payment Method

Alongside different kinds of payment support, the mobile app for eCommerce permits the store owners to add some other payment methods over a considerable measure of expense like –

  • Stripe
  • Braintree
  • World Pay
  • Apple Pay 
  • Amazon Pay and many more

8.Mobile app for ecommerce provide multiple payment options

The extension permits you to have solid and secure payment choices in your application. Further, the Mobile App Maker for stores gives PayPal and COD payment method naturally and even backings a wide range of site payment techniques on the mobile apps too.

9. Provide Unlimited Push Notifications

Push notifications feature in Mobile App can be the distinct advantage for your business. Moreover, Mobile App Maker gives unlimited notifucations to simple item advertising and advancement. Moreover, it offers the accompanying push notifications:

  • Order Creation Notification
  • Order Status Update Notification 
  • Manual Notification

10. Provide Zopim Chat feature

The ecommerce mobile app for Android and iOS accompanies inbuilt Zopim chat support (otherwise known as Zendesk Chat Support) that allows you to interface with each client and address their inquiries on a quick premise. Furthermore, the app clients can directly request any inquiries from the store admin. Very much like the Zopim live chat feature, WhatsApp chat feature is additionally accessible in the ecommerce mobile app for giving client help. The clients can 24*7 ask their inquiry and resolve with no issue.


Knowband offers mobile app builder for different eCommerce platforms- OpenCart, Prestashop, Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce. The popular ones are OpenCart and Prestashop.

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