5 Compelling Reasons Why One Page Checkout is Better Than Multi-Page Checkout

If you own an eCommerce store and are confused between One Page Checkout and Multi-Page Checkout then this article is for you. The checkout process is considered one of the most important steps in online shopping. If the checkout process of your store is optimized, fast, and user-friendly then chances are very high that you will get more converted/successful orders on your online shop rather than getting abandoned carts.

But if it takes too much time to load, rigid, and not mobile-friendly then you will get more lost carts and the conversion rate of your store will gradually decrease.

When a customer leaves a shopping cart after adding products into it but without placing his order then it is called shopping cart abandonment. According to research, most of the carts get abandoned because of slow-loading, complicated, and time-consuming multi-step checkouts. One Page Checkout has been gaining popularity for nearly 5-6 years as it is faster and easier as compared to multi-step checkout and is quite helpful in improving the conversion rate of your business.

Let’s take a brief look at all the compelling reasons that prove how One Page Checkout is better than Multi-step checkout.

1. Fewer Clicks:

With One Page Checkout, your customers can quickly fill in all the necessary information and details as all the fields are available on a single page. The users have to click only fewer times and the order will be successfully placed. Personal information can also be auto-filled after few clicks on the checkout page.

2. Easy Interface:

The interface of the Single Page Checkout is considered much easier than that of Multi-page checkout. The customers don’t need to go to various pages and fill in details one by one. After clicking on Proceed to checkout button, they will be directed to a single page from where they can fill all the fields and details easily and conveniently.

3. Higher Conversions:

One Page Checkout simplifies and optimizes the checkout process and helps in improving the conversion rate and minimizing the cart abandonment rate on the online store. With Single Page Checkout, you can save the time and effort of the online buyers and can make the shopping experience great for them.

4. Easily Review the Details:

With One Step Checkout, reviewing all the checkout details is much easier for the customers as compared to multi-page checkout. The users don’t need to go back or click multiple times to check and review the details they filled on the checkout page.

They can simply view and check all the checkout fields on a single page. It helps the customers not to make any mistakes while providing personal information to the store owner.

5. Single Page to Load:

The biggest benefit of the One Page Checkout is that the users don’t need to load multiple pages and switch URLs just to complete the checkout process and place their orders. They can do everything from signing-in to the website and placing the order right from one page with Single Page Checkout.

It not only saves the time of the customers but also reduces their efforts and provide them a better shopping experience that will help the store owners to retain the customers.

Knowband offers One Page Checkout addon which simplifies your checkout process and helps you get more converted orders on your online store. With this addon, the store owner can make the process easier, faster, and smoother for the customers and enhance their shopping experience on the online store. One Page Checkout module is available for PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Magento platforms.

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