The Prestashop One Page Checkout is a must – Know more!

A simple, well-designed, and quick checkout procedure always leads to the highest possible conversion rate. Knowband provides PrestaShop One Page Checkout. Further, which transforms your eCommerce store’s sluggish and restrictive default checkout. In fact, makes it simple, clean, and speedy One Page Checkout. By reducing the superfluous processes required with multi-page checkouts, the addon makes the checkout process easier and faster for consumers.

The module has advanced capabilities. For instance, guest checkout and social login, eliminate the need for users to establish new accounts on the website to place orders. The One Page Checkout Prestashop improves your customers’ checkout experience. Furthermore, lowering abandoned carts and increasing conversion rates. Therefore, installing and configuring the addon is simple.

The Prestashop One Page Supercheckout has the following benefits:

Enhances the checkout process

The module streamlines the checkout process and allows consumers to quickly fill out the information. The addon assists clients in swiftly filling out needed data and placing purchases with sophisticated features. For instance, auto-address fill and auto-detect nation.

There are minimal web pages to load

The Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon from Knowband summarizes the whole checkout process on a single page. Further, allowing customers to fill out and examine the information from one location. In fact, customers can place orders without having to navigate to many sites thanks to the plugin.

Reduces the number of abandoned carts

The addon improves your clients’ checkout experience and reduces the risks of cart abandonment.

Increases the conversion rate

The One Step Checkout Prestashop Module from Knowband can help you increase your conversion rate. How? By simplifying the checkout process. Further, making it easier and faster for your clients.

All devices are compatible

The Responsive one page checkout Prestashop is adaptable on computers, tablets, and mobile platforms, ensuring that you don’t miss any orders.

The Prestashop One Page Checkout has the following features:

Simple to Set Up and Use

Installing and integrating the plugin into your online store is simple.

Alternatives for social login

The Prestashop responsive one step checkout addon allows users to log in using social media accounts. For instance, Google and Facebook.

Check-out for Guests

Your website visitors can place orders as guests without having to create a new account with the module.

Various design layouts

The Single Page checkout provides three distinct design options. Further, the admin can pick between a 1-column, 2-columns, or 3-columns layout design.

Simple modifications

From the module’s back office, you can quickly change the fields on the checkout page. Additionally, from the back office, the admin can show/hide fields and make them optional or required.

Integration with MailChimp, SendingBlue, and Klaviyo

Knowband’s Prestashop One Page Checkout integrates with MailChimp, SendinBlue, and Klaviyo. Further, allowing you to sync the users’ database with these accounts.

GDPR Compliant

The addon complies with GDPR.

Validation in real-time

You can remind visitors to complete in necessary checkout stages. How? By displaying an error if they try to place orders without filling in mandatory fields. Further, by using the ‘display errors with Inline Validation’ functionality.

Custom fields are addable

The Prestashop one page checkout allows you to add custom fields such as text boxes, choose boxes, text areas, radio buttons, checkboxes, and so on.

Front Demo.

Back Demo.

In the End

Therefore, the Prestashop one page checkout by Knowband is a must. What do you think about the plugin? Do let us know your thoughts and suggestions at

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