These 6 features of Product personalization addon makes it reason to have

Product personalization addon is an addon that permits your clients to make the item design in your online store. In addition, clients customize things, however, the Prestashop module additionally ascertains dynamic costs dependent on their plan and print inclinations. Assuming you need to sell an online business, the stock changed according to the preferences and inclinations of every client. At that point, the Online Product Designer is a powerful answer for charge high.

Product personalization addon

While having total authority over all item regions, your clients can add custom text, layout, clipart, shapes, or upload designs or item pictures from system to customize the item. The item customizer icons aren’t restricted to explicit categories. Furthermore, no item left immaculate has a printable surface, personalization is unimaginable with Prestashop to edit the item module. Either print text on a cup or imprint letters on a metallic plate to weaving caps, the sky is the limit.

Which incredible features are offered by the Product personalization addon?

1. Offer Pre-existing Customization options: 

With the addon, the storekeeper can offer different previous customization choices to the clients. Including adding instant pictures, stickers, QR codes, channels, and so on. Online customers can likewise upload new pictures from the designer board.

Product personalization addon

2. Allow Customers to Pick the Desired Color:

With the Knowband’s PrestaShop Product Customization addon, the e-shipper can allow the clients to pick an ideal background color on the item.

Product personalization addon

3. Product personalization addon offers Option to Add Text: 

The PrestaShop Custom Product Designer add-on permits the clients to add text with different alluring text styles. Furthermore, the clients can increase or diminish the size of the text and can without much of a stretch alter it from the Customizer board.

Product personalization addon

4. Display Total Product Price: 

Probably the best component of this latest Knowband’s Advanced Product Customizer module which shows the expense of the customizations done one next to the other right on the Customizer board. Furthermore, the clients can genuinely look at the cost of the items after the customizations and can buy the item.

5. Specify Customized Sides of the Product: 

With the PrestaShop Product Designer module, the storekeeper can set the greatest number of sides that can be tweaked by the clients from the Designer board. For instance, if the item is a shirt and the greatest indicated adaptable sides are 2, the client will want to design both the front. Also, assuming an item has 3 sides, the storekeeper can permit the clients to plan each of the 3 sides of the item.

6. Easy to Integrate: 

Knowband’s Product personalization addon offers an easy-to-use interface, can be effortlessly installed as well as incorporated into your PrestaShop store. No coding endeavors required to do as such.

In the End

The online storekeepers regularly appreciate smooth deals by displaying items, adding cost and depiction. Furthermore, convincing clients to look at with no issue, yet they deal with issues when clients request customization in a portion of the items. Models incorporate T-shirts, mugs, cups, cards, banners, covers, portable covers, and heaps of other wearable or usable items. Here, the purchaser means to add a custom logo with a favored textual style type, size, or shading.

The Product personalization addon made for dealers permits clients with cutting-edge personalization. Further, they can make remarkable item plans with a blend of various textual styles, shading, logo, or custom picture upload.

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