Is Prestashop product customization addon beneficial to customers?

How to work on the shopping experience on your Prestashop site? Begin selling modified items in your store. However, customized items have a little market restricted to specific brands and sellers, their degree is interminable. Selling customized items comes with an extraordinary benefit. Knowband’s Prestashop product customization addon is an incredible method to upgrade client engagement by offering customized items and services to clients.

Prestashop product customization addon

The Prestashop Custom Product Design module is an incredible way to make your store items one of a kind for online purchasers. Furthermore, to give your clients the best as well as an extraordinary shopping experience, store merchants can make this basic and advantageous to utilize Online Product Designer on their webpage as an amazing self-service for the customers. Moreover, this module offers unlimited item customization alternatives to the client. Including activities such as printing a picture over the T-shirt with the use of channels. Hence, clients can purchase the item according to their requirements and needs.

Prestashop product customization Addon features:

1. Prestashop item customization addon permits e-merchants to add pre-characterized plan thoughts for various items on their online shop. 

2. With Custom Product Designer, clients will get various customization choices with their ideal item like T-shirts, mugs, rings or some other sort of item that can be customized according to their necessities. 

3. Prestashop custom item architect addon shows a Customize button on the item page to the clients. Furthermore, the item personalization alternatives are just displayed for the items that have been designed from the backend. 

4. The Online Product Designer can be enabled and disabled. Further, Incapacitating the item customization panel will just show the standard item customization choices on the item page. 

5. This Advanced item customizer module automatically ascertains the last cost of the items dependent on the customizations done by the client from the item page.

Is Prestashop Product Designer/Customizer add-on beneficial for customers?

Yes, the Prestashop Product Designer/Customizer add-on is beneficial for customers.

1. With Product personalization addon, clients can without much of a stretch customize their item with predefined pictures. Hence, this makes it ideal for their requirements progressively. 

2. In light of the applied item customizations, clients can see the estimating for their high-level item. As a result, this will assist them with choosing whether they need to buy the item or not. 

3. Prestashop Extended Product Customization module adds an easy-to-use item configuration panel to the item pages so clients can altogether add the ideal touch to their item. 

4. Prestashop Extended Product Customization module gives a customized shopping experience to the clients. 

5. Prestashop Product Designer/Customizer addon permits the clients to check the see of item customizations in total agreement.


Being a storekeeper you have consistently considered increasing your store revenue yet not about the shopping experience of your clients. Moreover, a cheerful and satisfied client is the person who returns to the store looking for some more things. So assuming you need returning clients on your store, make the client experience keeps going forever by incorporating Prestashop Product Designer/Customizer addon at your eCommerce store.

With the assistance of the Prestashop Custom Product Design module, store traders can offer natural as well as innovative online item customization choices to their clients. In this manner, they can transform the essential variant of the item into a cutting-edge, exquisite, and novel design.

Prestashop item customization addon permits the administrator to show the item customization panel page as the client clicks over the customize button on the item page. Hence, clients can easily add rich colored text with effects, upload their pictures with channels as well as add a QR code to make it appropriate for their necessities.

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