Create Desired Product With Prestashop product customization addon

Store owners focus more on store conversions, however, the fact is, store owners need to focus on store conversions as well as on better shopping experience. If store owners will start focusing on shopping experiences customers will return to their store which will lead to better store conversions. Better shopping experience makes the customer experience lasts forever. Hence, we recommend installing Prestashop product customization addon at your eCommerce store.

PrestaShop Product Designer/Customizer Extension:

PrestaShop Custom Product Design Module allows store merchants to provide intuitive and creative online product customization options to their customers visiting the stores. Moreover, this module helps in converting the basic version of the product into a modern, elegant and unique design. 

Using Prestashop product customization addon, merchants can show the product customization panel page whenever the user clicks over the customize button on the product page. Furthermore, this extension helps clients to add rich colored texts with effects, add images with filters as well as add a QR code to make it suitable for their needs.

Key Features of Prestashop product customization addon

  1. This addon allows e-merchants to add pre-defined design ideas for various products on their online eCommerce store. Furthermore, the clients can attain multiple customization options for their desired products.

2. Prestashop product customization addon also allows adding customize button on the product page of the clients. This option is only shown for the products that have been configured from the backend.

3. Online Product Designer extension comes with the feature of enabling and disabling. Once disabling the product customization panel occurred, that will be shown on the standard product customization options on the product page.

4. Moreover, this Advanced product customizer module automatically figures the last cost of the items depending on the customizations done by the client from the product page.

5. Furthermore, the Prestashop admin can characterize items for which the Custom Product Designer’s functionalities will be dynamic on the front end.

6.  Prestashop Product Designer/Customizer Addon allows your clients to change and save the item. Including custom writings, textual styles, colors, pictures, channels, and QR codes.

Admin Benefits of Extended Product Customization module 

1. Prestashop Product Designer/Customizer addon provide a viable method to build website revenue and client loyalty for online eCommerce business.

2. Integrating configurator for Customized Product can serve the individual requirements of every guest or customer visiting the store.

3. Product Customization Module brings long-term accomplishment for your online eCommerce store by holding clients and encouraging them to repeat purchases through customized orders.

4. Store owners willing to learn about clients requirements and choices need to include this module in their eCommerce store. 

5. Prestashop Product Designer/Customizer leads to better customer engagement on the online eCommerce store.

Benefits of Prestashop product customization addon offered to Customers

1. With a Product personalization addon, the clients can easily design their products with predefined pictures. They can create them accordingly.

2. As per applied product customizations, clients can see the pricing for their high-level or advanced item. This will help them choose whether they need to buy the item or not.

3. Prestashop custom product designer addon adds a user-friendly product design panel to the item pages. Therefore, clients can essentially add the ideal touch to their item.

4. Extentend Product Customization module gives a customized shopping experience to the clients.

5. Prestashop Product Designer/Customizer addon also permits the clients to check the review of item customizations on the same page.


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