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For increasing revenue and sales, product recommendation is an ideal method for any online eCommerce store. The reason behind this, it offers insights about the different items related to the interest of clients. Moreover, this type of promotion helps in persuading clients to make an extra product buy. In any case, this is one such area that is as yet undiscovered and isn’t successfully used by various online stores worldwide. If you are still ignoring product recommendations for your clients, the time has come to reexamine your choice by introducing a feature-loaded PrestaShop Automatic Related Products module from Knowband.

Prestashop Automatic Related Product module also permits e-merchants to showcase items that are related, on different website pages. Moreover, this PrestaShop Addon offers a superior store insight to the clients. This also decreases the cart abandonment of the client. Furthermore, the online store admin can set the situation to show related items.

Features Of Prestashop Related Products Module

  • Prestashop Similar Products Addon shows the related items. Including landing page, item pages, category pages, cart pages, manufacturer pages, and order confirmation pages.
  • Using this extension PrestaShop admin can showcase only available products as related products if he/she wishes to. 
  • With the help of the Prestashop Related Products Module, admin can even set the related product block title in different languages.
  • Moreover, the admin can choose the technique for showing the related products. Using this extension, store admin can show the top-visited products, best sellers, new products, etc. Admin can also use client history for showing the related products. 
  •  PrestaShop Related Products Addon latest version comes with a feature that permits store admin to show specific products on the related product list. This happens by typing the product name on the specified field of the admin interface settings.
  • The maximum number of related products to be displayed on different pages can be set by the store admin. 
  • Permit store admin to set the method of priority for showing related products. In case, there are no similar products to the priority condition, the module will skip to the next priority level.
  • The PrestaShop Related Products Addon is fully mobile responsive, SSL compatible, multi-store and multi-lingual compatible.

Prestashop Automatic Related Product addon Merchant Benefits

  • Prestashop Advance Related Product Extension helps the store merchants to build the average cart abandonment of an individual purchase on the eCommerce store.
  • Using this extension, clients can purchase more items if they see the items related to the ones they have picked. Furthermore, the admin of the store can show ideal related items to increase discounts.
  • Prestashop Similar Products Module permits the store admin to display the related products on the sections. Including the left column and the right column of page bottom.
  • Admin can hide out-of-stock products using  PrestaShop Alike Product Module. 
  • Using Prestashop related products addon, PrestaShop admin can choose specific products or products to display in relevant product list which needs to be mapped with the related products.
  •  Moreover, the quantity of most related items that appear on the site pages set by the store admin.
  • By showing the related products, the store admin can reduce the bounce rate. This even leads to an increase in user engagement.
  • Furthermore, new arrivals are promoted by the online store admin by showing them as related products.

Prestashop Automatic Related Product Addon Customer Benefits

  • This addon also allows online clients to see similar products in which they are keen on the different website pages. 
  • Prestashop similar products addon is mobile responsive as well as offers an interesting interface. Therefore, online clients find it easy to view the related products.
  • One of the biggest advantages of this addon is, it is compatible with all browsers.


The latest version of PrestaShop Automatic Related Product addon permit store admin to choose specific items and show them on different pages. Including landing page, items page, category page, etc. Moreover, this Prestashop Similar Products Addon gives an alternative to show products in stock as a related item.

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