Prestashop Loyalty Points addon- Time to know about it

Having a successful online store is not that simple. Store merchants have to take care of a lot of factors, conversion rate is one of them. Various modules can improve the conversion rates of your eCommerce store, Prestashop Loyalty Points addon is the most recommended. 

Prestashop Loyalty Points addon

Prestashop Loyalty Points addon

Integrating Knowband’s Prestashop Loyalty Points addon at your store leads to better conversion rates of the eCommerce store. Creating a new account on the store, placing an order for a particular product or a specific product in the category, and other events, this addon grants loyalty points. Further, to get discounts on shopping loyalty points can be converted to loyalty discount coupons by the clients.

Prestashop Loyalty Points module even helps in increasing customer retention and reorders. This lets clients collect more and more reward points that can be redeemed for future orders. 

Prestashop Loyalty Points addon features:

1. Prestashop Loyalty Points module offers loyalty points to certain users

Prestashop Loyalty Points module allows crediting loyalty points in the account of certain users, mostly customers which are inactive, and captivates them to get back to your store and make a buy.

Prestashop Loyalty Points addon

2. Set the minimum cart amount to use the loyalty points

With the Prestashop Loyalty points system, the client can use his earned loyalty points. Furthermore, the loyalty points are used once the cart value exceeds the amount defined by the admin.

3. Award loyalty points

With the assistance of the PrestaShop reward system addon, one can choose when to award the loyalty points. In simple words, the module offers an option to decide when the loyalty point must be awarded to the clients. Is it after the confirmation of payment or when the product has been shipped or delivered.

Prestashop Loyalty Points addon

4. View the complete list of users

Using this addon, the store admin can check the entire list of users who have earned loyalty points. 

5. History of specific user

The addon permit checking the complete history of specific users. Furthermore, the module offers close insight into the points earned by a specific client to the admin. In other words, the admin can look at how many points they have earned over time and the number of points available to use. Store admin can even see how many have been converted.

6. Customize Email Notifications

Store merchants can create an attractive subject line, craft your email content as well as deliver an eye-catching email to your customers using Prestashop Loyalty points and discount addon. Furthermore, this addon has multi-lingual support along with multi-store compatibility.

Our take on Prestashop Loyalty Points addon

E-commerce retailers have understood that prizes or loyalty points are necessary are important to keep the interest of a client in their brand or to change over another client into a loyal customer. Understanding the significance of rewarding loyalty points to clients, KnowBand presents the PrestaShop Loyalty Points addon.


This plugin is highly beneficial as it permits you to reward loyalty points to both existing customers and new customers. Moreover, the loyalty points are used as a discount voucher at the time of the checkout. From retaining existing clients to acquiring new ones, everything is possible with the Prestashop purchase points addon. Moreover, this module enhances customer loyalty, increases customer engagement, and encourages repeat purchases. Along with these features, with Prestashop loyalty discount coupons store admin can grow an email list.

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