Maximize Customer Loyalty with PrestaShop Loyalty Points and Discount Addon by Knowband

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, customer loyalty is the key to sustainable success. Knowband introduces the PrestaShop Loyalty Points and Discount Addon, a cutting-edge solution designed to not only reward customer loyalty but also drive increased sales through strategic discounts. Let’s delve into the unique features and advantages that this addon brings to your PrestaShop store.

Features of PrestaShop Loyalty Points and Discount Addon:

Features of PrestaShop Loyalty Points and Discount Addon

Dual Incentives:

Unlike traditional loyalty programs, the PrestaShop Loyalty Points and Discount Addon combines the power of loyalty points and exclusive discounts. Customers not only earn points for their purchases and activities but also unlock special discounts, creating a compelling incentive for continued engagement.

Flexible Discount Rules:

Tailor your discount strategy to suit your business goals. The Prestashop Loyalty Points plugin allows you to set rules for discounts based on loyalty points, order total, specific products, or customer groups. This flexibility ensures that your discount offerings align with your unique marketing objectives.

Smart Point and Discount Management:

Easily manage and track loyalty points and associated discounts through a user-friendly dashboard. Monitor customer activity, track point accruals, and manage discount rules effortlessly, providing you with valuable insights to refine your loyalty program over time.

Combine Loyalty Tiers and Discounts:

Take customer engagement to the next level by integrating loyalty tiers with exclusive discounts. As customers ascend through loyalty levels, they unlock progressively higher discounts, motivating them to achieve and maintain top-tier status.

Time-Limited Promotions:

Create a sense of urgency and drive immediate action by implementing time-limited promotions. Encourage customers to make purchases within a specified timeframe to avail themselves of exclusive discounts, effectively boosting your sales during promotional periods.

Benefits of PrestaShop Loyalty Points and Discount Addon:

Benefits of PrestaShop Loyalty Points and Discount Addon

Increased Customer Lifetime Value:

The dual-incentive approach of combining loyalty points with discounts enhances customer lifetime value. Customers are not only motivated to earn points but also to redeem them promptly to enjoy exclusive discounts, fostering continuous engagement.

Strategic Marketing Opportunities:

Leverage the Prestashop Loyalty points system Addon to create targeted marketing campaigns. Use loyalty points and discounts to promote specific products, reward customer segments, or drive sales during festive seasons. This strategic approach enhances the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.

Competitive Edge in the Market:

Stand out in the competitive e-commerce landscape by offering a comprehensive loyalty program. The combination of points and discounts sets your store apart, attracting and retaining customers who seek value beyond the transaction.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:

The addon contributes to a positive shopping experience by offering customers tangible benefits in the form of points and discounts. Happy customers often turn into loyal shoppers and enthusiastic brand supporters, spreading the good word about your business to friends and family.


The Prestashop Loyalty Points plugin by Knowband is a game-changing solution for online retailers seeking a holistic approach to customer loyalty. Elevate your customer engagement strategy by providing dual incentives that not only reward loyalty but also drive increased sales through exclusive discounts. Implement this addon to unlock a new level of customer satisfaction, retention, and business success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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