How to efficiently sell on a Marketplace? Know how!

Do you seek to expand your eCommerce business? Well, you can do just that by selling your products on an online marketplace. You can sell on a marketplace but before that, you should – on which one.

Being a marketer, you can easily sell on a marketplace. In order to do that, this blog will come in handy. First, we’ll look at the different online marketplaces available for you to start selling on.

Different Online Marketplaces

Etsy marketplace

After finishing more than a decade in the industry, Etsy has denoted its essence in most likely every country across the globe. What sets the marketplace not quite the same as the others is that pulls in the specialists, experts who bargain in adornments, toys, crafts, housewares, and more. Furthermore, it is the most affordable, fast, and effective marketplaces. Hence, Etsy has made its spot in the industry.

eBay marketplace

eBay is one of the trendsetters in online shopping. If you are to accept the details, the marketplace can flaunt about 185 million actives customers. eBay isn’t just where you can shop or sell the products, however, one can give their used things too. That is not it. One can likewise put their products for sell-off across 30 nations from one shaft to another.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is another incredible alternative when you’re just beginning and not just because more than 1 billion individuals use it month to month to peruse, buy or sell things. With no set listing expenses or commissions, Facebook Marketplace is an appealing choice for new and set up sellers the same. Selling on Facebook Marketplace is a simple interaction, yet it’s distinctive for dealers than it is for people. You’ll have to synchronize your up-to-date stock. In addition, trust that Facebook will survey your products and consider them appropriate to sell on Marketplace.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping isn’t actually an online marketplace. It is more like a platform for advertising. However, it gives customers the freedom to peruse products dependent on their search question. Google Shopping likewise benefits retailers. Moreover, when a customer clicks on a product link, they’re sent back to the retailer’s site. Hence, they can make the purchase there. At the point when it came into existence in 2002, Google Shopping was named Froogle. The service listed product information dependent on certain search terms. Further, in 2012, the service moved to a paid publicizing model. In addition, where retailers pay for being featured in the Google Shopping search results.

With the above-mentioned online marketplaces, you can sell on a marketplace that suits your business. The Prestashop Addons Store features modules by Knowband that help you sell on a marketplace. You can easily sell on a marketplace with the below-mentioned modules by Knowband.

Prestashop Addons to Sell on a Marketplace

Prestashop Google Shopping Integration

So, we have already discussed how Google Shopping works. However, when it comes to merchants heading to sell on a marketplace, it is a lengthy procedure. That’s where the Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Addon comes to the rescue. With the Prestashop addon, you can easily list your products on Google Shopping and let customers buy them.

Once you have installed the Prestashop Google Shopping Integrator in your store, you can easily configure it from the back office. The first thing to do is generate the API Key and then, you can easily manage your listings from the store itself.

Key features of the Prestashop Google Shopping Connector

  • Profile management
  • Product listing in bulk
  • Enabling and disabling of products from Google Shopping
  • Sync feeds and product status with the store in real-time

Prestashop Etsy Integration Addon

Selling your products at Etsy marketplace is a decent choice. It will assist you with making a wider customer base. Well, the Prestashop Etsy Integration Extension helps you sell on the platform with ease. Once you install the Etsy Prestashop Integration Addon in the store, you can create an ‘n’ number of profiles from the back-end of the module. Then, you can effortlessly sync your store with the marketplace. Whether it is uploading products, manage the inventory, manage the orders, or tracking sales, you can do it all from the store itself.

Prestashop Etsy Integration Extension

Key features of the Etsy Prestashop Connector

  • Create numerous profiles
  • List products on various Etsy shops
  • Manage orders
  • View sales reports
  • Manage shipping, pricing, and more

Prestashop eBay Integration Addon

The Prestashop eBay Marketplace Integration Extension lets you integrate your PrestaShop store with eBay Marketplace. Further, he/she can do it in just a couple of snaps. It gives you effortless posting and stock management. Likewise, helps in expanding your site’s revenue. You can essentially relate both – your store and eBay through the eBay Prestashop API Integrator. At the point when the configuration process finishes, you can list your products. In addition, you can do this from the back office of this eBay Prestashop Connector itself. Thus, trust that your products will be sold.

Prestashop eBay Integrator

Features of the eBay PrestaShop Marketplace Integration Module

  • List products in bulk
  • Automate the listing process
  • Manage order updates
  • Revise orders – addition or deletion of products
  • Manage shipping profiles
  • Manage pricing
  • Check product listing status

Prestashop FB Store

The Prestashop Facebook Store Integration helps the store owner to integrate their fan page on Facebook. Furthermore, this is done from the PrestaShop store itself. The admin can easily list the products on the fan page with a clickable tab “Shop Now”. Thus, the customers will be able to see your products without coming to the website. Prestashop FB shop integration allows the admin to examine the insights of sales with Google Analytics.

Prestashop FB Store Addon

Key features of the Prestashop FB Shop

  • Upload home page images on Facebook
  • Customizable menu bar
  • Showcase new arrivals, bestsellers, or chosen products
  • Connect with Google Analytics
  • Prestashop Facebook Store Integration helps set up the brand logo
  • Set the theme of your Facebook shop
  • Add footer content with the Prestashop Facebook store

In the End

These are the most popular options when you want to sell on a marketplace. Knowband features these Prestashop addons that are worthy to take your sales to a whole new high. Choose the one that suits your business need, configure them and increase your customer base.

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