Why Prestashop Advanced Wishlist Addon important for better business?

Prestashop Advanced Wishlist Addon is important for eCommerce stores as it offers benefits to both- customers and store merchants. Before understanding each benefit of this addon, we will understand what is Wishlist addon?

Wishlist addon is important for eCommerce platforms as it allows permit clients to make a customized list of items that they need to purchase. This way they can save them for future reference. Further, a wishlist signifies the client’s interest in a product without an immediate aim to purchase. 

Wishlist not only enhance client’s shopping experience but even have the power to offer a deeper strategic value to online retailers. Moreover, for clients, a wishlist creates an opportunity to save items “for later” when they can’t commit to purchasing them at that moment. This way they can find them quickly whenever they return to your store. In other words, a wishlist is a convenient way to remind oneself about the products added to the cart.

Though there are several platforms providing wishlist addon, yet we recommend the Prestashop platform and its Prestashop Advanced Wishlist Addon.

Prestashop Advanced Wishlist Addon

The Prestashop Advanced Wishlist addon by Knowband is a great way of boosting up eCommerce sales and retaining leads. The add-on offers a special feature to display products that have been shortlisted and recently viewed. Prestashop Advanced Wishlist addon even offers recommended products/banners on the website.

Furthermore, Prestashop advanced wishlist extension permit clients to shortlist their favorite products. As a result, they can be aware of the products which they want to purchase or view later. In simple words, Prestashop saves for later extension is like a basket in hand where you add products you like and can change the quantity before making the purchase.

The features and benefits of the Prestashop Advanced Wishlist addon are listed below:

Benefits of the Prestashop Wishlist Addon :

1. Prestashop advanced wishlist extension raises eCommerce sale:

This add-on raises the e-commerce sales as it helps store admin to support the eCommerce store. Further, the clients can add or subtract the products accordingly in their shopping cart when they visit the store. Hence, this leads to better sales. 

2.Prestashop save for later extension retain leads: 

Prestashop save for later extension helps in retaining leads as it motivates the customer to signup for an account. Furthermore, the store admin can display the recommended product to clients visiting the store. This might interest them to purchase recommended products.

3. Increase sales by re-pricing products:

To encourage user engagement and conversion sales, Prestashop Save For Later offers admin the flexibility. This extension allows viewing the demanded product accordingly to demand changes in the price structure of products. Hence, this attracts more clients.

 Furthermore, Prestashop advanced wishlist module is beneficial in multiple ways including increasing sales rates and brand awareness. The addon even focuses on increasing user engagement and retaining customers.  

4. Prestashop Advanced Wishlist addon Applicable to Sale items: 

Prestashop wishlist addon is applicable on items that go on sale. For instance, whenever a customer’s wishlist products are featured at lower prices, Mnytra or any eCommerce platform informs its site users or customer. Therefore, Prestashop Wishlist is an excellent method for re-engaging customers for both interested customers and those who hesitate to purchase. 

Features of Prestashop Advanced Wishlist Addon:

1. Wishlist Feature: 

Prestashop advanced wishlist addon permits its site clients to save the shortlisted products to their wishlist for future purchase.

2. Prestashop saves for later addon permit clients to maintain private wishlist: 

The addon allows guests as well as registered clients the alternative to make their lists of products to get. Furthermore, using this addon customers can save desired products for future use. Prestashop saves for later addon permit customers to save unlimited products to their list of things to get.

3. Functionality to view “Save product list” of any customer: 

The Prestashop wishlist plugin offers store owners a chance to completely view the list of items saved by the clients in their wishlist.

4. Enable/Disable Save for Later Button: 

With the help of the Prestashop wishlist addon by Knowband, the save for later button can be enabled/disabled by the Prestashop store owner.


Prestashop Favourite Product list Extension is beneficial for both store merchants and customers. Further, this module permits the online purchasers to share their wishlist with others including Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp. Therefore, Prestashop Favourite Product list Extension is suggested.

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