Is growing an email list possible with Prestashop Advanced Wishlist?

Have you been approached to gather emails and create an email list by your marketing manager? In the same way as other entrepreneurs, you might be doubtful about viewing email marketing seriously. Techniques including social media and viral marketing, growth hacking, paid media advertising, etc have come into the digital marketing scene in recent years. Be that as it may, email marketing has stood the test of time. 

Prestashop Advanced Wishlist

What is Email marketing?

One of the most oldest and popular online marketing techniques in the world is email marketing. Further, email marketing includes the most common process of sending emails to your prospects as well as to clients to create more sales. 

To begin an email marketing campaign, a couple of things are required and Prestashop Advanced Wishlist is one of them.

How does Prestashop advanced wishlist module help in growing the Email list? 

Prestashop advanced wishlist module is beneficial to both customers and for shop owner’s experience on the site. This Prestashop module allows clients to easily add the list of things to receive without a record, just by mentioning an email. 

What are the other benefits of the Prestashop Advanced Wishlist Module? 

The Prestashop Advanced Wishlist Module from Knowband allows customers to add goods to a wishlist that can be used for future purchases. Furthermore, it helps store merchants to know the items that are getting the attention of the store guests.  

Prestashop Advanced Wishlist

The module even urges the clients to purchase the items later. In other words, the absence of a wishlist makes your site less captivating for the customers.

What are the basic features of Prestashop save for later addon?

1. Addon offers product analysis:

The product analysis feature of Prestashop saves for later addon allows store merchants to track the saved product or in other words, the most demanded product.

Prestashop Advanced Wishlist

2. Analyse customer:

Prestashop wishlist offers a customer analysis feature to e-merchant that helps merchants to analyze the clients. Moreover, merchants can do the same in the paid version. 

Prestashop Advanced Wishlist

3. Prestashop wishlist offers order analysis:

The order analysis feature of Prestashop advance wishlist allows e-merchant to view the order details in the graph. 

Prestashop Advanced Wishlist

4. Portable compatibility:

Knowband Prestashop Save of later addon offers more than just mobile responsive design. This add-on even supercharges your website. Further, it is an ideal Prestashop addon for all mobile users searching for a special client experience.

5. Prestashop advanced wishlist module compatible with all themes:

Knowband Prestashop advanced wishlist offers cross-platform access. It is even packed with a responsive user interface.

6. Easily Customizable:

 The Prestashop wishlist addon is simple to modify. With this feature of Prestashop wishlist addon store merchants can easily modify the text, layout, and even title of your page by customizing by tweaking the general look of the shopping cart page.

 Prestashop Wishlist Addon additional benefits:

1. Prestashop wishlist addon increases eCommerce sales:

With the assistance of the Prestashop wishlist addon, merchants can boost the eCommerce store. Furthermore, clients can add more items to their shopping cart at the point when they visit the store. This add-on can even increase website sales. 

2. Prestashop wishlist retain leads: 

Motivating customers to signup for an account is a difficult task, however, Prestashop wishlist can encourage clients to signup for an account. Furthermore, merchants can display the recommended item to the storage client. 

Final Take

The Wishlist feature plays a significant part in leading online businesses. This feature is not only advantageous for customers as well as admin. With the assistance of the Wishlist functionality, the client can undoubtedly save the desired product. 

Hence, Prestashop save for later addon is not only essential for online stores but leads to higher sales on the website. 

Try the Prestashop Free advance wishlist addon by Knowband for basic features and Prestashop advance wishlist/Save for later addon to utilize the high-level features of the Prestashop plugin. Knowband is well known for providing best-in-class plugins for different platforms, Prestashop being one of them. Along with efficient plugins, Knowband provides customer support hence for any query you may drop a mail at

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