Why do store owners prefer Prestashop Back In Stock Addon?

Store owners like Prestashop Back In Stock Addon due to various reasons, GDPR compliance is one of them. Knowband Prestashop back in stock notification is integrated with Mailchimp, Klaviyo, SendInBlue email integrator. Further, this addon allows store merchants to view the list of subscribed customers with the product name. Using this plugin, the admin can remove subscribers from the subscriber list. 

Prestashop back in stock notification allows the store admin to download the subscriber’s list in CSV format. Moreover, online users can subscribe to their favorite out-of-stock products. This Prestashop Out of Stock Subscription addon allows sending notification to the clients who have subscribed so that when the product comes in stock again, can get notified. Further, the store merchant can show a notification block on the out-of-stock product pages. Prestashop Out of Stock Subscription addon permits store owners to customize the look as well as the feel of the notification box. Moreover, online users can share their email id. This way they will receive the in-stock email alerts and can click on the “Notify me” button.

Prestashop Back In Stock Addon Features:

  1. Sends email notification regarding product back in stock to the customers who subscribed. 

2. Offers admin an option of deleting customer data on GDPR module delete request.

3. Store admin can set a privacy policy according to his choice. This will be displayed at the front end.

4. Set the desired URL to the privacy policy text.

5. Addon allows store merchants to permit clients to view the subscribed products list. Moreover, the Prestashop stock alert addon allows store merchant permit users to remove any product from this list. 

6. Using Prestashop product stock notification addon, store merchants can easily set the look as well as feel of the notification box. Furthermore, e-merchant can enter the custom CSS and JS code.

7. Allows merchants to download the subscriber list in CSV file format.

8. Prestashop back in stock is highly compatible. Further, it is compatible with Prestashop themes and SSL.

9. Prestashop stock alert is mobile responsive.

10. Prestashop back in stock notification provides both multi-store and multi-lingual support.

Besides features, Prestashop product stock notification addon offers great benefits to merchants as well.

Prestashop Back In Stock Addon benefits Offered to merchants:

  1. The addon allows the store admin to customize the block according to the theme.
  2. Prestashop Back In Stock Addon by Knowband permits store admin to edit the email template corresponding to the language.
  3. Allows store admin to view the data of the clients along with the subscribed products.
  4. Prestashop back in stock notification even permits the online merchant to mail the email notification regarding stock availability. Merchant can inform users of the low stock of the subscribed products. 
  5. Using the addon, the store merchant allows clients to view the list of subscribed products from the front-end interface.


Back in stock is a great way of holding on to potential customers as it attempts to put an out-of-the-stock item in her cart. Further, a popup informs clients whether his/her product is out of stock or not. Therefore, Prestashop Out of Stock Subscription addon is recommended to store merchants. The latest version of Prestashop back in stock plugin offers various functionalities to store merchants for better performance.

The latest version even permits store merchants to allow the users to check all the subscribed products for which they need notification. On the other hand, store clients can remove any subscribed product from the list. The Prestashop back in stock notification module even permits sending a low stock alert email notification to the online users. Lastly, the store admin can set the quantity. This alert email will be sent to the subscribed customers. To know more about installation, store merchants can go through the user manual provided at the store.

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