Why Prestashop product stock notification addon is trending?

The Prestashop product stock notification addon by Knowband is GDPR compliant. The Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and SendInBlue email integrators are all connected with the Prestashop product stock notification addon. Furthermore, the business owner can also see the list of subscribers as well as the product name. You can remove subscribers from the list at any time. The subscriber list can also be downloaded in CSV format by the administrator.

Prestashop product stock notification addon

The list of subscribed products can be viewed online, and any product can be removed from the list of subscribed products. Further, the Prestashop product stock notification addon also provides an option to send low stock alert notifications to subscribers. After a specified amount is set in the admin interface, the online merchant can send a low stock alert email notification.

What makes Prestashop product stock notification addon different?

Prestashop product stock notification addon comes with various inbuilt features that make this plugin unique.

1. Mailing email notification:

The feature of sending an email notification to subscribed customers regarding products back in stock is what makes it different.

2. Compliant with GDPR:

This Knowband plugin even allows merchants to have an alternative to delete the client data on the GDPR module deletes requests.

3. Add privacy policy

With the usage of Prestashop stock alert, you can set the privacy policy text according to your choice. Furthermore, it will be displayed at the front end. Opencart store merchants can even set the desired URL to the privacy policy text.

Prestashop product stock notification addon

4. Report analysis and custom fields

Prestashop product stock notification addon even offers features such as report analysis and custom fields. In report analysis, merchants can permit clients to show the subscribed product list. Further, the merchant can permit users to delete any product from this list. 

Prestashop product stock notification addon

Moreover, a list of products that are high in demand can be viewed in the analysis section by the merchant. 

Prestashop back in stock even allows adding custom fields in the notification box along with the email address. By selecting the quantity for the low stock alert notification. Admin can also add related goods to the same, it can be sent to the subscribed consumers.

5. Cross-selling:

The plugin even offers the cross-selling feature. This feature also helps to cross-sell the items with email marketing using use the back-in-stock addon as a tool. Furthermore, you may add related products such as bestsellers, new arrivals, most viewed, etc. products in the email as well as have an impact on the buyer’s decision.

6. Add CSS and JS using Prestashop back in stock notification

With the usage of this addon, merchants can efficiently set the look as well as the feel of the notification box. Further, the store merchant can mention the custom CSS as well as JS code.

Additional features offered by Prestashop product stock notification addon:

  • Change the color of the text, the backdrop, and other aspects of the subscription box with custom text.
  •  V3 Google reCaptcha included in the module’s menu. Further, you can prevent bots as well as spammers out of your email list this way.
Prestashop product stock notification addon

Why Prestashop product stock notification addon is trending?

This Knowband plugin is trending because of the features it is offering to merchants and customers. Its mobile responsive and appealing interface offering to the customers makes it trending. Moreover, Knowband Prestashop back in the addon is compatible with all browsers because of which clients don’t need to face any design issue from any browser. 

The “Out of stock subscription” option allows online users to see a list of subscribed products. Furthermore, subscribed products with low stock alerts can also be notified to online users. The admin can change the notification block according to the theme using the Prestashop back-in-stock plugin.

Prestashop product stock notification addon

Lastly, this module even permits clients to edit the template according to the language he or she prefers. Moreover, the admin can showcase the related products in the initial email, low stock email, as well as back in stock email for cross-selling.

Why Knowband?

The reason to use Knowband plugins is their efficiency. Knowband plugins are efficient and capable enough to raise your store’s revenue and help you in running a smooth business. Furthermore, Knowband offers post-sales support to clients so that they can resolve issues. 

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