What makes Prestashop Back In stock “impossible to replace module”?

Wouldn’t it be decent if customers just mentioned to you what they needed, and got it? Back-in-stock messages are the untouched revenue lever you need to require another glance at. If one of your products is out of stock, customers may quickly search and perhaps purchase a similar product.

Online business is becoming competitive and increasing day by day. On the off chance that one of your items is unavailable, customers can discover, and conceivably buy, a cutthroat item in practically no time. Everything necessary is a Google search, an Amazon search, or a proposal from a companion — which are all quickly accessible.

You might do restricted runs of items, have lead items that sell out at specific occasions in the year, or simply face periodic stock issues. But the fact remains that without a system to recuperate demand, you’re leaving cash on the table. So how to deal with lost revenue? The Prestashop Back In stock is the key to this problem.

What is Prestashop back in stock?

Clients can buy in for unavailable items on their own product pages using the Knowband Prestashop Back In Stock. Further, at the point when their ideal item comes in stock again, the Prestashop back in stock notification Module sends an email notification to the clients who have bought into that item. The Knowband’s Prestashop Back in Stock Module is GDPR compliant as well.

Prestashop Back In stock

Which features make Prestashop Back In stock “impossible to replace module” ?

Feature 1:

The administrator can list all the email id details in Mailchimp, Klaviyo, SendInBlue email integrator. Moreover, the merchant can view the list of all the product back-in-stock subscribers. The administrator can eliminate any client from this list and download the subscriber’s list in CSV format.

Prestashop Back In stock

Feature 2:

The Prestashop back-in-stock plugin permits the administrator to modify the block as per the theme. Further, the Prestashop stock alert module allows permits the administrator to alter the email template corresponding to the language.

Prestashop Back In stock

Feature 3:

The administrator will have the alternative to delete customer data on the GDPR module delete request. Moreover, merchants can set the desired URL to the privacy policy text using the Prestashop product stock notification addon. Furthermore, the addon allows merchants to permit clients to see subscribed products list. The administrator can likewise permit users to eliminate any item from this list.

Feature 4:

The Prestashop back-in-stock notification offers an appealing interface to the clients and is mobile responsive too. Furthermore, the module is compatible with browsers due to which clients won’t face any design issue from any browser. Along with that, it offers multi-store and multi-lingual support and even compatibility with themes and SSL. 

Feature 5:

This Prestashop plugin is offered by Knowband. Further, Knowband plugins are made to make merchant business smooth and enhance their functionality. Furthermore, it offers Prestashop plugin development services. Customers can get effective post-sales support from Knowband in addition to efficient modules.

Prestashop Back In stock

What’s new in the Updated version of Prestashop back in the stock plugin?

The online trader has more utility for improved execution in the upgraded version of Prestashop back in the stock plugin. The store dealer would now be able to permit the clients to check every one of them bought in items for which they need a warning. 

Customers can also remove any purchased item from the list. The Prestashop back in stock notice Module allows you to send a low stock alert email to your online customers. The amount after which the alarm email is sent to the bought-in clients can be defined by the administrator.

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