Why Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration Addon is the best option

Etsy is a marketplace that distributes its goods via numerous websites with distinct international memberships. Shop for fragile antiques collected, one-of-a-kind, custom, and remarkable options, for instance, or buy handmade, traditional, unique, and noteworthy presents for everyone. 7.5 million sellers on Etsy sold their goods in 2021. 

You now understand why selling on Etsy is a key strategy for your online store.

The Prestashop store owners now have a point of contact thanks to Knowband. Additionally, it helps them begin selling on the Etsy marketplace. The Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration Addon helps retailers save a lot of extra time. How? by reducing the time spent on the manual transfer procedure. Additionally, this Prestashop Etsy Integration Addon gives them the capability of handling orders and stock. Additionally, the Prestashop administrator panel handles orders for the Etsy shop.

Benefits of Knowband’s Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration Module

  • A mass listing of the items can be created quickly with the Etsy Prestashop Integration Addon.
  • Provide a machine-generated response for adding the products to eBay Marketplace.
  • The Prestashop Etsy API Integrator enables Prestashop stores to transact with inventory on the Etsy Marketplace.
  • Permission to manage orders coming from the Prestashop store’s Etsy store.
  • On the Etsy Marketplace, prices can be changed effectively.
  • Products can be recorded without issue on various Etsy stores.

With the Etsy Prestashop Connector, managing profiles is simple. The administrator of the store can choose the key settings for listing the items. Additionally, the profile management tab provides basic listing settings. For instance, the country-specific Etsy store, currency, language, and shipping profile. Consequently, the store administrator can select the default setting.

Why Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration Addon is the best option

The Prestashop Etsy Connector enables bulk product listing.

The Prestashop Etsy Synchronization Addon enables bulk product listing. The store administrator can also map the Prestashop store classification to the Etsy Marketplace classification. Each item listed under the Prestashop store class will then be added to the eBay Marketplace under the selected Etsy category. The store administrator can transfer items in bulk using profile-based item transferring by using this Etsy Prestashop Synchronization Addon.

The Categories’ Mapping

The Prestashop store administrator needs to map the Prestashop store class to the most crucial Etsy Store classification in order to list the products on Etsy Marketplace. The Etsy category is then mapped to each item in the Prestashop store.

Price management

A Prestashop store administrator is able to list their products on Etsy with the help of the Prestashop Etsy Integrator. In addition, at an unexpected cost compared to the price of the Prestashop store. Using the Etsy Prestashop Integrator, the administrator can raise or lower the price range on the Etsy Store. Because of fixed or rate-based pricing, the administrator has the option to list the products at a more affordable or expensive price.


The cron settings are available in the Synchronization tab. additionally utilised to motorize all CRON settings. In fact, the administrator can unquestionably coordinate a lot of things by using the Synchronization tab. For instance, the status of the items, the status of the request, the language sync, the request declaration, and so forth.

List of items

Why Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration Addon is the best option

After a certain period of time, the item cron will list the items from the Prestashop Etsy Integration Module to the Etsy Marketplace along with the assortments, stock, and item depiction. As a result, this element aids in posting the items.

Sync locally

Why Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration Addon is the best option

A nearby sync feature is provided by the Prestashop Etsy Integration Addon. The Prestashop store item is synchronised with the Etsy Prestashop Integration Addon by this component. Additionally, the administrator can synchronise their items from the Prestashop store to the Prestashop Etsy API Integrator with the aid of sync. Additionally, this tab can be found in the Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration Addon’s synchronisation tab.


What do you think of these reasons in the end? They can also be referred to as the Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration Addon’s key features. The Knowband plugin is a gorgeous choice that can boost your sales and revenues. Please contact us at support@knowband.com if you are interested and have any questions.

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