Tis the season of using Prestashop Gift Card Manager

Did you hear that? Jingle bells, jingle bells. Well, it’s Christmas is about to come, we still have time for that so when we have so much time, why don’t we make the best out of it. Why don’t eCommerce merchants start using Prestashop Gift Card Manager

Prestashop Gift Card Manager

Why Prestashop Gift Card Manager?

Using Prestashop Gift Card Manager offered by Knowband would be a wiser idea during the holiday season as it offers some great benefits.

First benefit: 

Prestashop Gift Card Manager Addon let add the gift cards section to the Prestashop store. This allows customers to purchase gift vouchers.

Prestashop Gift Card Manager

Second benefit: 

The module even offers an option to the store merchant to manage the gift card button. Further, you can provide gift cards with personalized images as well as custom messages to the beloved ones. You can even send a gift card either by email or by printing it by yourself.

Third benefit: 

Prestashop gift voucher module lets you track both- gift card purchase and gift card usage. Further, the partial usage of gift card codes is even allowed.

Fourth benefit:

Using this addon during the holiday season is beneficial because it let owners acquire new online consumers while retaining existing customers.

Prestashop Gift Card Manager

Prestashop send gift card addon boost the revenue of your eCommerce store

Prestashop send gift card addon holds various advantages and one of them is, boosting the revenue of eCommerce store. This add-on attracts new clients, boosts up the revenue, and even helps in building brand awareness. 

Prestashop Gift Card Manager

Reason 1:

Prestashop Gift Card Manager provides an attractive user interface:

Customers will come to your webstore more often if your website is appealing. With the assistance of this addon, customers will visit your store more often as it has a new layout and design which attracts end users very well. Moreover, the addon comes with the functionality of adding the latest products from the backend. You can even add a personalized image from the front end, leading to a better customer experience.

Reason 2:

Great for sales :

Using the Prestashop gift card module during the holiday season can lead to an increase in sales and orders as it captures new orders and even potential clients. You might not be aware, but digital gift cards are sold in high demand during the Christmas season. Further, digital cards increase sales as well.

Prestashop Gift Card Manager

Reason 3:

Prestashop send gift card addon embraces brand awareness :

Prestashop sends gift card addon even embraces brand awareness. When it is about advertising and promoting your brand, nothing could be better than Gift cards. Gift cards are a great source. Furthermore, when users purchase the gift card for other people, if they like it, they will surely get back to your website. This will increase brand awareness among new people.

Reason 4: 

Prestashop gift voucher module Increases sales :

Another major reason to utilize the Prestashop gift card module is “IT INCREASES SALES”. Clients can purchase gift cards that are used during purchasing other products. As soon as the gift card is purchased, these product shopping websites are chosen. Users are more likely to use websites that increase advance sales.

Reason 5:

Improves customer experience :

Prestashop Gift Card Manager Addon is great for your store as along with emphasizing the raising the sales, the plugin even emphasizes improving customer experience. With the usage of Prestashop Gift Card Manager Addon’s latest version, users can send a custom gift card along with a personalized image to their beloved ones. Hence, this leads to a better and efficient customer experience. 

What are your final thoughts on the Prestashop gift card?

So this holiday season goes for Prestashop gift card to experience great features. Prestashop Gift Card Manager addon is an automated way to offer several features to online shoppers. Moreover, the module makes it simple for merchants to manage the same. Also, users can place their orders easily as it offers smooth transactions to the end-users. Thus, the Knowband PrestaShop gift voucher module Not only does it make life easier for online customers, but also increases conversions.

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