How to make your clients feel special with Prestashop Gift the product?

Happy and satisfied customers are the foundation of any successful business. Though merchants find making customers satisfied difficult, however, it’s very simple as understanding requirements is all that is required. Understanding what you want, like and dislike makes customers feel special and happier. Hence, a module that helps owners understand their needs is Prestashop Gift The Product addon.

What is Prestashop Gift The Product addon?

Knowband Prestashop Gift The Product addon is not only beneficial to clients but the consumer as well. This add-on is the ideal approach to increase the sales rate. This even boosts customer loyalty at the same time. Further, this module helps merchants to raise the sales of their eCommerce store. Prestashop Gift The Product addon allows merchants to offer free products to clients that make them feel special and satisfied. Hence, the addon is the ideal add-on for the owners to attract more customers and get the customers to their stores.

Further, the addon permit merchants to set the amount of the gift price as per the requirements. The Prestashop free gift addon even permits merchants to pick any layouts which he/she need to utilize and the administrator can likewise pick his preferred choice for gifting the product. This Prestashop add-on offered by Knowband even motivates clients to finish his/her order.

Once the Prestashop gift module is installed on your e-commerce store, store merchants get the flexible controls to offer as well as manage free gift items to your clients. Moreover, the module helps in raising the purchase of the items available in the store.

How to make your clients feel special with Prestashop Gift the product?

Prestashop Gift product gives clients a special feeling by offering them some of the best features. Furthermore, clients can easily choose the free gift that he likes after his/her cart satisfies the rule created by owners from the backend of the module.

There are times when customers don’t finish the order due to some reason. Prestashop Gift the product motivate clients to complete his order. 

What are the Objectives of Prestashop gift the product addon?

The add-on offers some incredible benefits to website owners. With the assistance of the add-on, merchants can increase customer engagement. Further, the Knowband Prestashop gift module reduces the cart abandonment risk.

An increase in sales of the store is one of the biggest advantages of this addon. Further, clients will be rewarded with freebies that lead to more client engagement. This add-on even encourages clients to purchase products more often.  

Our Final Note On Prestashop promotion gift addon

Prestashop free gift addon has a very has an exceptionally appealing approach to listing the gift items which will most likely draw in the client to complete checkout. Furthermore, merchants can enable the setting in the backend to show the client’s recently viewed items in the gift list.

This Prestashop module generates positive vibes due to which clients tend to visit the stores more often. Moreover, few clients can get excited about specific gifts and even place orders just to receive that. Along with the above features, other features such as Mobile responsive, multi-store compatibility, and multilingual compatibility make Prestashop gift addon a reason to install or use.

Is relying on Knowband plugins a smart idea?

KnowBand plugins are 100% reliable as they are designed in a manner to enhance the functionality of your eCommerce stores, Furthermore, Knowband has years of experience working with eCommerce websites. 

Along with Prestashop, Knowband developers design plugins for other platforms such as Magento, OpenCart, and Shopify. Custom module development and customization services for the website and modules are also offered by Knowband.

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