These reasons are perfect to have the Prestashop Gift Card addon

Everything around us is evolving!

Starting from the way users shop to what they buy, everything has converted so much in the last few decades.

Now, when you talk about advancements in the gifting industry, people have started to give Gift Cards rather than actual gifts. Presently, when you consider digital gift cards, you must consider the various reasons that turn out to be advantages that they’ll have on your eCommerce store. Beginning from an appealing element toward the front, the rundown of advantages incorporates producing sales, building expected customers, tap an audience base that doesn’t make the purchase in a split second. However will positively do, and some more.

If you have a Prestashop store, you should take a look at the reasons why having the Prestashop gift card manager would be among the best investments you make. This blog will detail the reasons below.

Reasons to install Prestashop Gift Card Addon

Shopping online and gifting online is a trend – you too should follow

Just because of the COVID-19, people have stopped stepping out of their houses and maintaining a safe distance from others. In that view, online shopping witnessed a surge and so did online gifting. Well, buying a gift sounds good but users want to give the power of choosing the gift to the recipient. Hence, gifting digital cards came into the bigger picture. The customers are going ahead in purchasing the gift card from online stores like Amazon for a specific event and the beneficiary will shop something that he/she needs to with the worth entered on it.
Being an owner of an eCommerce business, Prestashop send gift card addon adds that star appeal to your store.

Prestashop gift card manager features a visually appealing UI

The most recent version of the PrestaShop Gift Card Manager includes an outwardly alluring user-interface with a design and format that will appeal to the customers. With the alternative of customizing the advanced gift card toward the front, the customers will very much want to use it as per the occasion for gifting.

Prestashop send gift card addon captures new customers and orders

Users who love giving gifts to their friends and family members at some point find it difficult to choose an appropriate gift for them. Well, that’s when they think of gifting a digital gift card to them. The aspect that’s worth understanding here is – when the recipient receives the gift card, he/she enrolls in your store, shops, and comes back again if the experience is good.
Hence, the Prestashop gift module allows you to capture new customers and orders.

Increases sales

When you give your existing and new customers a wonderful shopping experience, they will consistently return for more. This is a similar case with digital gift cards. So, the Prestashop gift voucher module unquestionably builds the sales to your store.

Acquires new customers

We have already discussed this aspect, in brief, earlier in the blog but this point will elaborate the same. For example, when a customer gifts the digital gift card to an individual, the recipient would return to the store to make use of the coupon code that was there on the gift card. In like manner, when someone buys your gift card, the potential customers would convert as new customers when they purchase something with the gift card code on your store with the PrestaShop Gift Card module.

Expanded brand awareness

The ideal way of clarifying this aspect is at which the organizations purchase digital gift cards for their workers. The basic intention is to buy them as reinforcements/rewards, they promote your brand to them. Furthermore, by rewarding digital gift cards to the workers, the business is promoting your brand. In addition, making even those mindful who don’t know about your store. Consequently, the Prestashop gift card Addon is a perfect way of brand awareness for your eCommerce business.

Personalized experience

The alternative of customizing the PrestaShop Gift Card is on the front-end. Hence, the users can add pictures or have digital gift cards for the event that they need for. This upgrades Personalized Customer Experience.


The Prestashop gift card manager is the perfect way to engage customers. In addition, it increases the sales, potential sales as well as revenue of the Prestashop store. You can promote your brand by having Prestashop send gift card addon is one of the best ways to do it.

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