Why PrestaShop Product Availability Check by Zipcode is a must-have Addon?

The Prestashop Product Availability Check by Zipcode addon has usefulness through which the users can check the accessibility of the items in a specific area. The Prestashop Zipcode validator addon offers a bunch of other benefits to the store admin and customers.

Captivating highlights of Prestashop Product Postal Code Validator

  • Prestashop zipcode validator addon permits the client to check the accessibility of an item at any area utilizing Zip-code.
  • A popup will be shown on the frontend of the PrestaShop store when the client visits the e-commerce site.
  • With the assistance of this Prestashop postal district validator module, the administrator can undoubtedly plan Zones with Zip-codes by transferring a CSV record.
  • This postal district validator module offers the administrator to handily plan Zones with the Product by transferring the CSV document.
  • The Prestashop Product Availability addon helps in showing the Delivery date, Success message, and Failure message toward the front.
  • The item accessibility check by zipcode Prestashop module permits the administrator to plan numerous Products with various Zones.
  • This Prestashop Postal Code Validator addon offers to add the different Zip-codes with Zones by comma isolated qualities.
  • The Prestashop Postal Code Validator Addon gives the administrator to look, erase, or even adjust Zones.

Configure settings of Prestashop Postal Validator Addon

Following are the steps to configure this Prestashop Zipcode module

  1. Go to Modules and Services.
  2. Search module ‘Product Availability Check By Zipcode ‘.
  3. Click on the ‘Configure’ button.


  • Enable: Naturally, this setting of the item accessibility check Prestashop module will be OFF. The entire Prestashop zip code validator module usefulness relies upon this switch button. At the point when it is empowered, a content field to check item accessibility will be shown on the item page toward the front of the item zipcode validator module.

Display Delivery Date

  • This field of the Prestashop Postal Code Validator Module is offered to the administrator to show the conveyance date of the items. The administrator simply needs to turn on the setting to show the conveyance date. Yet, on the off chance that he would not like to show the conveyance date, at that point he can set the switch button on OFF mode.

Check cart

  • Check truck includes confines the guest to go to the checkout page if any of the items aren’t accessible in the postal division entered by the client in the location field.

Disabled Product

  • The store administrator can confine zipcode check usefulness for specific items utilizing this choice. 

Custom CSS

  • This field of Prestashop item zipcode validator is offered to the administrator to add custom CSS to the item page whenever required.
  • Note: Enter CSS content excluding <style> — inner content– </style> Tags (only write inner content).

Custom JS

  •  The administrator can utilize this alternative of the Prestashop Zipcode module to include custom JS on the item page whenever required. (Just in variant 1.6.x.x).
  • Note: Enter JS content excluding <script> –inner content– </script> Tags (only write inner content).


  • By clicking this catch, this Prestashop Zipcode module will save the setting into the information base and return with a progress message.

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