8 incredible features of Prestashop Product Availability Check by Zipcode

Finding the right product is easy, but finding the accessibility of the same in a particular region is quite difficult. With the assistance of Prestashop Availability Check by Zipcode Addon, the accessibility of the item in a specific area can be checked by the client using zipcode. Furthermore, this Prestashop zip code validator simplifies the work of the clients to check the accessibility of the item in a specific region before placing an order.

This blog makes you aware of the incredible features offered by the Prestashop Addon which are as follows:

 Prestashop Availability Check by Zipcode Addon Features to know

1.Display the popup for a zipcode

With the help of the Prestashop Product Availability Check by Zipcode module, store merchants can showcase the popup on the website. Further, this popup shows up on the website as soon as the user visits the homepage of the website. 

2. Product Availability Check Block on the product page: 

This Prestashop module inserts a block on the product pages. Furthermore, this lets clients mention the zip code and check the shipping availability. In this manner, customers can ship the available product in that particular region.

3.Create zones & map zip codes to zones with Prestashop Product Availability addon : 

PrestaShop zipcode addon even permits the store administrator to upload the zipcodes in mass through CSV or the administrator can add zip codes manually.

4. Map products to the zones with Prestashop Product Postal Code Validator : 

The store administrator can map the items to the zones. Furthermore, items that are mapped to the zones might be accessible for that specific zone.

5. Display delivery period with Product zipcode validator: 

The estimated delivery date can be displayed/hidden with the assistance of the PrestaShop zipcode module.

6. Add Disabled Products: 

On the off chance that the store administrator would not like to show this Availability Check by Zipcode functionality on specific items. Further, at that point, he can add these items into disabling items from the admin panel of the module.

7. Easy Management of Shipping Availability: 

 Prestashop Product Availability Check by Zipcode module also offers shipping availability management easily. Further, this module allows the admin to restrict the shipping availability for specific zip-codes.

8. Prestashop zipcode addon offers ZipCode Auto-fill Feature: 

Prestashop zipcode addon offers an autofill feature. Further, this autofill feature of the module automatically fills the zip code field for the user. In this manner, user can also check the product availability for each item and each time you visit on the eCommerce store.

Why Prestashop prefer delivery date and time Module?

Product Availability Check by Zipcode module is one of the best modules. Further, this addon allows merchants to add a popup for checking the accessibility of the item in the client’s area while visiting the website and before adding it to the cart.

Furthermore, Prestashop Product Availability Check by Zipcode module is helpful for the administrator just as the client. Moreover, If you have things that can be shipped to the selected locality because of any reason like – necessity in a particular region, shipping cost, government regulations, etc,

At that point, you can permit the clients to check the accessibility of the thing in their region before adding the product to the cart. In this manner, they will save the time of the clients as well as enhance their purchase experience in your store.

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