Prestashop related product module- for better hold on customers

The online store dealer would now be able to get the client’s focus and further increase site sales by utilizing Prestashop related products module. Using the Knowband Prestashop Automatic Related Product addon, online merchants can display related items on different website pages. To set specific conditions for showing appropriate similar products on each page, store merchants can use Prestashop Related Product Addon.

With the assistance of the Prestashop related product module, merchants can set the methods as well as filters for displaying the products as similar products. Furthermore, this permits store admin to display the related product column either on the left, right, or page bottom. This module allows online clients to view similar items and get the right product of their choice. Prestashop related product module is a great way of improving sales and conversion rate.

Must-known features of Prestashop related products module

  • Prestashop-related products permit store merchants to display related products on several website pages including landing pages, item pages, category pages, etc. 
  • This module offers the admin a choice to show accessible items as related items. Moreover, the unavailable products will not be shown as related items. Prestashop related products plugin offers an alternative to show just in-stock items in the related items list. Further, online merchants can enter related item block titles. Also, the help of Prestashop alike product module permits the administrator to set block titles in different dialects. 
  • The Prestashop related product module gives different techniques to show the connected items. Moreover, the store owner can display bestsellers, top-visited products, new products and even use client history for showing the related products. Utilizing Prestashop related product module can cause a reduction in bounce rate by showing the related products as it boosts user engagement.
  • The Prestashop advance-related product extension is mobile responsive, multi-store compatible, and offers multi-lingual support.

Prestashop related product module benefits offered to merchants 

  • This Prestashop related products module helps the administrator to build the client’s average cart value by showing related items. Furthermore, there are higher chances of conversation when the store guest tracks down the ideal product in the related items block.
  • The Prestashop similar products addon allows merchants to show ideal related items to build sales. It even offers superior store insight to the clients. PrestaShop Similar items module permits setting the related items block position accordingly. There are numerous conditions accessible for showing related items in a high-level manner. 
  • This Prestashop related products plugin gives a choice to hide the unavailable items. Further, using this plugin admin can display accessible items as related items. 
  • Prestashop related products plugin permits the eCommerce store administrator to promote new arrivals as them as related products.
  • Using Prestashop Automatic Related Product addon, e-merchant can show those items on which he needs to catch the client’s eye. Moreover, the Prestashop Automatic Related Product module permits the eCommerce store admin to show the related items on various site pages.


Knowband offers an advanced cross-selling module for further improving website sales as well as customer shopping experience. Furthermore, this Knowband offered module integrates a feature to display similar products to one purchased by the client on various site pages. Including homepage, product page, category pages.

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