The best Prestashop modules for the Admin

The admin, often known as the shop owner, is the person who develops an eCommerce business, manages it, and is solely responsible for sales and earnings. In reality, he is the one that installs various modules in the shop in order for it to function properly. As a result, the admin works a lot for his eCommerce firm. However, the goal is to reduce the administrative effort. As a result, these best Prestashop plugins will be quite useful.

This blog discusses Knowband’s best Prestashop modules, which are quite useful for administrators. Furthermore, they lessen his burden. Let’s have a look at some of the best Prestashop modules below.

The Best Prestashop modules for the Admin by Knowband

Prestashop Abandoned Cart Addon

Knowband’s Prestashop abandoned cart email follow-up plugin is an excellent choice for all eCommerce marketers. It not only helps to lower your store’s abandoned cart rate. It also boosts your store’s sales. All the administrator needs to do is send reminder emails to clients who did not finish the transaction. He can, in fact, provide the motivation in the email. How? By including a discount voucher that may be redeemed at the time of purchase.

As a result, this saves the admin a lot of time in trying to get clients to return to the store.

PrestaShop Return Manager Module

eCommerce businesses are rapidly adopting the PrestaShop RMA extension, which has transformed the entire product return process by simplifying the entire return policy and streamlining the entire operation.

The Prestashop return manager addon is a well-known module for your online store. It offers a slew of features that benefit both customers and shop owners. So, by installing and setting the Prestashop order return management Module on your eCommerce site, you empower your customers to shop more freely.

It has reduced the formality, paperwork, and hassles that formerly accompanied product return requests. In fact, by streamlining the entire return procedure, the module helps to decrease the admin’s workload.

Prestashop Automatic Related Product Module

When you activate the Prestashop Automatic Related Products addon, your customers will be able to find more things that can be purchased with the existing products that they are about to buy. The Prestashop product cross-selling module can also help your eCommerce business. Do you want to boost your eCommerce business’s sales and profits by increasing client satisfaction?

As a result, the Prestashop automatic related goods module is a safe bet. They may be found on various pages of the store. For instance, consider the product page, the checkout page, and so on. Store owners can enable this capability by installing the Prestashop product cross-selling module.

PrestaShop Gift Card Addon

The Prestashop gift card manager is a fantastic way for the Prestashop firm to engage customers, increase sales and prospective purchases, and create money. One of the best methods to promote your business is to utilize the Prestashop send gift card addon.

The Prestashop Gift Card Manager plugin is a great way to get the email addresses of both the user who purchased the advanced gift card and the recipient who will receive the gift card. 

The individual who gains the most from the Prestashop Gift card addon is the store administrator. Gift cards enable shop owners to create and customize the cards, including the addition of personalized graphics and information. It is fully advantageous for the administrator when he or she may completely alter the module according to the needs and demands of the customers.


Knowband’s best Prestashop modules have features that assist administrators to decrease their burden. Additionally, assist him in guiding the firm to success. So, which of these best Prestashop modules do you require in your eCommerce store? You may find them in the Knowband shop.

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