Significance of PrestaShop PWA for your eCommerce website

The analysis of customer behavior would undoubtedly help you in developing business plans for your eCommerce store. If you have heard about PrestaShop PWA Mobile App then you can understand that it consists of incredible user interfaces and will help you to grow in the competitive era. It helps you in the eCommerce business growth and your customer’s satisfaction with its amazing and enticing features. It will help you to boost the sales of the eCommerce business and engage more customers. 

What are Progressive Web Apps (PWA)?

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) provide the look and feel of a native app by incorporating web-based technologies. The PWA app ensures that customers can have access to the eCommerce store at any time and at any place with ease. It is the best way to generate traffic to the eCommerce store and enhance sales growth.

The Progressive Web App is a web application that can be installed in your eCommerce app and provide you a native app-like experience. It can work seamlessly even with no internet connection by storing the previously loaded data of the mobile app in the form of a cache. It is compatible with all platforms and works effortlessly with every device. 

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1. Branding

It will be beneficial for the eCommerce business to launch a shopping app under its own brand name. To give the brand a fresh perspective, the eCommerce business can include branding solutions in their mobile app, such as the app name, logo, splash screen, banner, and so on. The Prestashop PWA Mobile App makes it possible for the store admin to do so.

2.  Easy Custom Layout Option

The customization feature in the Prestashop eCommerce PWA Mobile App makes it easy for the store admin to perform changes without any coding requirements. It helps the store owner to add and create multiple layouts for the shopping app and switch to anyone as per the requirement. With a few mouse clicks and a drag and drop option, the eCommerce merchant can change the look and feel of the PWA app.

3. Simple Login Options

Consumers nowadays want to be able to log in to the mobile app via their email and social media accounts quickly and easily. Online shoppers can use the Prestashop PWA Mobile App Builder to access user-friendly login and registration options such as Google, Facebook, and traditional emails. With this feature, users can easily access the PWA app with just one tap.

4. Easy Checkout

The Users can complete the checkout process with ease with the Prestashop PWA Mobile App Maker. It is a convenient way for the customers to check out from the Progressive Web App. Without having to fill out unnecessary information.

5. Multi-language With RTL

The Prestashop PWA Mobile App allows the store admin to include all languages available on the eCommerce website. All languages including RTL and currencies will be supported by the Progressive Web App. 

6. Multi Payment And Shipping Options

Customers are more dependent on mobile apps that provide secure and easy shipping and payment options. The Prestashop PWA Mobile App Creator supports all payment and shipping solutions of the eCommerce website in the Progressive Web App.

7. Real-Time Synchronization 

The real-time synchronization option in the Prestashop PWA Mobile App automatically synchronizes the product inventory and data of the eCommerce store in the PWA app. All changes made to product data and inventory of the eCommerce website will automatically be reflected in the PWA app in real-time. 

8. Push Notifications

The Prestashop eCommerce PWA Mobile App allows the store admin option to send unlimited push notifications to the customers. The eCommerce merchant can keep the customers up to date on a regular basis. By sending push notifications for offers and discounts, order status, abandoned carts, etc. 

9. Offline Mode

The Prestashop PWA Mobile App consists of a preloaded cache that shows up on the user’s mobile screen. When consumers don’t have access to the internet. Even without an internet connection, the products can be browsed and added to the wishlist and cart.

10. Chat Support

Zopim and Whatsapp chat feature is included in the Prestashop eCommerce PWA Mobile App. The customers can contact the store admin at any time to get their issues and queries resolved. This option allows the store admin to quickly address the customer issues.


If you run an eCommerce store and want to provide an app to your customers for a better and faster shopping experience. Then you should go for Prestashop Progressive Web App Builder. Having a PWA app for your eCommerce store would undoubtedly profit you. In addition to PrestaShop, Knowband offers PWA app features and amazing benefits for OpenCart, Magento 2, and WooCommerce platforms also. PWA app adds more value to your efforts and products.

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