How does Prestashop Facebook Store module intelligently hike your business growth?

One of the best ways to perceive your business all around the world is to venture into a social local area, one among them is Facebook. It permits you to look for consideration of your new audience and consequently create more clients for the store. Best of all, you can undoubtedly impart your content easily, market your store item and services. Henceforth, creating a Prestashop Facebook Store Module is a must as it increases your site sales.

Prestashop Facebook Store module

What is Prestashop?

A free online business platform where anybody can make his/her shop with only a couple of steps defines Prestashop. After having a shop, the principal concern that comes up to each retailer is the showcasing and making his items/image increasingly more presentable to the world. As Facebook claims, there are more than 2 billion dynamic clients on Facebook constantly in 2017. Prestashop Facebook Store Addon makes your work simpler.

What are the benefits of Prestashop Facebook Store module?

  • Prestashop FB Shop raises your website traffic. 
  • Increase the conversion rate on the website. 
  • Advance your Facebook shop before a colossal Facebook audience.
  • Upgrade the shopping experience of your Facebook followers.
Prestashop Facebook Store module

What are the features of the Prestashop Facebook Store module?

1. Create an attractive landing page

With the assistance of Prestashop FB store integration, merchants can create attractive landing page pictures to draw the client’s consideration. Further, the pictures are automatically displayed. The addon allows uploading at least three landing page pictures. Also, you can set up landing page pennants too to make your Facebook store more appealing. You can even upload a limit of two landing page flags. 

Prestashop Facebook Store module

2. Tweak the menu bar

PrestaShop Facebook shop addon allows you to tweak the menu bar of your Facebook shop. The module backend displays the list of classifications that are set up on your site. You’ll then be able to decide which classifications to include in your Facebook store’s menu bar.

3. Display included items

Featured items, new arrivals or bestsellers, special products, so forth can be displayed with the assistance of Prestashop FB shop integration. Further, you can specify the items that you need to show on your social shop. You can likewise specify the maximum number of featured products that you need to show. 

4. Connect Google Analytics

By entering your analytics ID, you can connect to Google Analytics and track the performance of conversion and sales of your Facebook shop.

Prestashop Facebook Store module

5. Set up Brand logo

Prestashop Facebook Store module with Prestashop helps you set up the brand logo on your Fb shop. Further, Prestashop Facebook shop integration can even adjust the theme color of your Facebook shop.

6. Set footer content

With the help of PrestaShop Facebook store addon, permit you to set up the footer content for your store.

Prestashop Facebook Store module

Final Thoughts on Prestashop Facebook Store module

PrestaShop Facebook store addon offers multi-lingual support and multi-store compatibility. Assuming you need to accomplish high sales from the Facebook platform, having a Facebook shop is an unquestionable requirement. 

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