How is the Prestashop Private Shop Addon beneficial for your business?

The Prestashop private shop addon by Knowband is just what the name suggests. In fact, the Prestashop Private Shop is an absolutely perfect tool to keep adult content private from underage users. Further, Knowband provides the Private shop module for merchants who cater content that is not appropriate for users below the age of 18. Thus, only when the user reveals the age, the private pages are up for browsing.

In this blog, we will talk about the benefits of the Restrict categories and products addon. Moreover, I will also lay down the benefits of the Private Shop Prestashop module for the customers here. Are you ready? Let us go forth and check it out.

Benefits of the Prestashop Private Shop Addon

The marketer can use the Prestashop Private Shop to compel consumers to log in/register in order to access the site and items. In fact, the admin can simply do that using the Prestashop Private shop addon. Thus, if the user wants to have access to the website and its content, he/she has to login.

The admin can either choose to make the entire website private or only a few pages. Further, with this feature, marketers who cater to a wide variety of products for all ages can rest assured. In fact, they can simply privatize only the pages that have products not applicable to underage users.

The admin may authorize new registrations automatically or manually using the Prestashop Private shop module.

On the front end of the website, the admin can show or conceal the new user enrollment page. Further, he can either activate the new user form or deactivate it depending on his wish. In fact, all he has to do is click a button on the backend.

The Private shop module has a functionality. Further, where the admin can decide whether he wants Google to crawl on the private pages or not. In fact, he can easily activate the same from the backend. Thus, allow the private pages to rank on Google.

On a private login/signup page, the admin can display a background picture, video, or color. In fact, he can customize the look and feel of the Restrict categories and products module by Knowband.

To restrict categories and items on the store, the admin may quickly activate/deactivate this Private shop addon.

This Private shop module is simple to install and set up for the eCommerce business owner.

Benefits of the Restrict categories and products module for Customers

Customers may quickly see shop goods and visit the store after logging in or signing up.

The Private store module’s mobile adaptable style makes it simple to view the functionality on mobile devices as well.

Buyers may log in/sign up quickly and easily with the Prestashop Restrict categories and goods extension, which is multilingual compatible.

The appealing front-end UI enhances the customer’s shopping satisfaction.

In the End

Finally, now you know that the Prestashop Private Shop Addon by Knowband is beneficial for your business. Moreover, it is also a plus for the customers. So, are you interested in the Private Shop Prestashop module? Do let us know at

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