Important facts you don’t know about Prestashop Private Shop

Knowband offers a Prestashop Private Shop that allows e-merchants to private their eCommerce store and manages product sales solely to a small set of customers. 

Prestashop Private Shop

Prestashop Private Shop addon

The e-merchant has the option of making the store, or certain products, categories, or pages, private. After the store is privatized, only registered/logged-in consumers will be able to see the products or browse the website.

Prestashop Private Shop

The Restrict categories and products module allow for a great deal of customization. The design and feel of the website can be customized by the e-merchant. The admin can additionally show an advanced login/signup page and change the headline wording of the login/signup page. Following the customer’s login/signup to the website, all limitations will be erased. As a result, the administrator can persuade store visitors to log in/signup to view the store’s products.

Did you know these facts about Prestashop Private Shop?

Fact 1: Offers complete freedom to customers

With the help of Prestashop Private shop addon, clients can easily view the products available on the store and visit your eCommerce store easily once logged in or signed up. 

Prestashop Private Shop

Fact 2: Makes store experience better for clients

The biggest feature of the Private Shop Prestashop module is, it provides an attractive front-end interface to the clients. As a result, clients attain better store experiences. 

Fact 3: Private shop module offers Mobile responsive and compatible

Knowband Prestashop Private shop addon comes with one of the incredible features, which is mobile responsiveness and compatibility. Furthermore, this addon offers multi-lingual compatibility as well as a mobile responsive layout. 

Prestashop Private Shop

The mobile responsive layout feature of the module makes it simple to see the functionality on the mobile devices also. Prestashop Restrict categories and products addon multilingual compatibility make the process of login/signup easier and hassle-free for the clients. Moreover, this Prestashop addon makes login/sign-up easy and hassle-free for the customers. The Restrict categories and products module is multi-store compatible and even SSL compatible.

Fact 4: Private Shop Prestashop module allows customization

The plugin allows the owner of an eCommerce business to use an image, color, or video as the background of the login/signup form. Further, for even more customization, skilled users can define custom CSS and JS code. The eCommerce store admin can enter the IP addresses he wants to allow access to the front-end using the Restrict categories and products module.

Prestashop Private Shop

Final words on PrestaShop Private Shop Module

The owner of an eCommerce store can set up his private shop and limit sales of the store’s products to a certain group of clients. Knowband provides a PrestaShop Private Shop Module that allows the owner of an eCommerce store to turn their entire website into a private store. The store’s products, categories, and pages can all be made private by the administrator. Furthermore, store admin can use this Restrict categories and items extension to force customers to log in or register to view the eCommerce store or a specific segment.

For all who are not well versed with Knowband, Knowband is known for providing some of the efficient plugins keeping your requirements in mind. Furthermore, Knowband offers post-sales support to the customers. Hence, you may drop them a mail and resolve your queries. 

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